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ListGlobally - about us

ListGlobally is the largest real estate advertising network - About us - What we do - About us - What we do - What we do

What We Do

ListGlobally helps agents advertise their listings to the world giving their vendors global exposure. An agent simply uploads a property and we do all the rest. Our site will automatically send property listings to a range of market leading sites around the world and then publish that listing in their international section. Furthermore, the listings are automatically translated in 16 languages.

ListGlobally collaborates with software providers and property portals to provide high-quality services to their professional customers. - About us - Corporate video - About us - Corporate video - Discover our corporate video

Discover our corporate video

The world does seem to be getting smaller and we, at ListGlobally, like to think we are playing a small part in this. - About us - Our History - About us - Our History - Title

Our History - About us - Our History - Content 1

ListGlobally was launched in 2010 in Australia by Classified Ad Ventures. Classified Ad Ventures Pty Ltd was founded by Simon Baker – who spent 8 years as CEO of the REA Group and Chris Vulovic – former CIO of the REA Group for 6 years.

In 2013, the network footprint of ListGlobally increased to over 60 portals globally and an average of 70,000 properties advertised to the 50+ million visitors to these portals. - About us - Our History - Content 2

In 2014, ListGlobally joined forces with EdenHome, a former Swiss competitior lead by Gérard Paratte, founder of Swiss real estate portal Together, ListGlobally and EdenHome became the world’s largest real estate syndication network. Simon Baker became the chairman of the board of directors. With Gérard Paratte becoming CEO of the merged entity, the head office moved to Lausanne, Switzerland.

In 2016, ListGlobally merged with WorldPosting, the second largest property portals network to reach over 120 portals and 300 million potential buyers all over the world. - About us - Our History - Content 3

Together, as ListGlobally, we are working to provide exceptional services to our customers all over the world.