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Gain greater engagement from your visitors

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Are you one of the Top 3 national portals in your country? Host our international listings for FREE

If you are one of the top 3 national portals in your country, you can join us for free and advertise in excess of 750,000 properties from around the world on your own portal.

With globalization, your consumers are no longer only searching for properties in their domestic market. Subsequently the ability to offer them the ability to search for international properties within your own site becomes a valuable proposition. 232 million people, 3.2% of the world’s population, are living in a foreign country and 700 million people are keen to permanently leave their country. Do not miss this opportunity to surf on the wave of success and get a high quality international section on your existing site involving no hosting or ongoing technology charges – we’ll do it for you!

Host international listings - international section
Get an international section on your website

Get an international section on your website

International section - free

Add an international section on your site with no additional cost.

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Join world's largest network

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Generate new display advertising revenues

International section - efficient

Greater engagement from your visitors

International section - extra content

Generate additional revenues and offer international properties to your audience. Become a publisher and display international listings on your portal. Need for an international section on your website ? We have the solution. Choose our White Label technology to rapidly implement international listings on your portal.

White label
White label

White label

Get a White Label International Section embedded into your site. The white label fits your portal’s look & design and is customizable to provide additional content and an enhanced consumer experience. Moreover, it is translated in different languages.

white label

*Your listings may not be displayed on the whole network depending of your country.